• Christofle: La Ruche bei Stamm Wien

    La Ruche
    This majestic chest reveals a 38-piece classic flatware set for 6 people, carefully placed in a black laquered wooden socle – an eyecatcher for every table.

  • Christofle: Essentiel bei Stamm Wien

    The stainless steel cutlery Origine with it's refined lines is now available in in a chest for 24 pieces – a modern and simple storage option for timeless cutlery.

  • Christofle: Mood bei Stamm Wien

    A new and bold manner of living luxury in everyday life. "Mood" is essential at the center of the table for diners or casual brunches.

  • Christofle: Madison 6 bei Stamm Wien

    Madison 6
    Madison is a tribute to the first boutique on Madison Avenue highlighting the universe of the hive through a hexagonal theme specific to Christofle's brand stamp.

  • Christofle: Marcel Wanders Jardin d’Eden. Bei Stamm Wien

    Jardin d’Eden
    Inspired by a lush garden Marcel Wanders decorated handles and backs with a single engraving of interlacing, leaves, flowers and curls.

  • Christofle: Jardin d

    Jardin d'Eden - Wohnaccessoires
    Jardin d´Eden: Elaborate ornaments that reintroduce a sense of the precious, the sensuous and the poetic.

  • Fürstenberg: Silver Time bei Stamm Wien

    Silver Time
    With Silver Time, the Christofle table offers pieces that are all as aesthetic as they are functional.

  • Christofle: Transatlantique. Bei Stamm Wien

    Ever since its founding, Christofle has been a continuous innovative force and has infused each era with a new art of living.

  • Christofle: Arborescence - Ora-Ito. Bei Stamm Wien

    Candlesticks become sculptures that express the free flow of interaction between the aesthetical idea and nature - the "arborescence" of silver.

  • Christofle: Bulle d’Argent. Stamm Wien

    Bulle d’Argent
    The Champagnerset by Christofle ensures proper cooling and the tasteful presentation of Champagne & Co., in pristine contemporary design.

  • Christofle: Atomes d’Argent. Stamm Wien

    Atomes d’Argent
    Richard Hutten's "Atomes d'Argent" Collection was inspired by the Christofle designs of the 19th Century and the reflections of the silver balls.

  • Christofle: Collection - Gio Ponti. Stamm Wien

    Collection – Gio Ponti
    Gio Ponti, a legendary name in architecture and design of the 20th Century, was a significant personality also for Christofle over a period of five decades.

  • Christofle: Malmaison. Stamm Wien

    A classic design by Christofle capturing the essence of the refined lifestyle.

  • Christofle: Vertigo. Stamm Wien

    A gently curved ring with slightly asymmetrical lines is the simple but ingenious hallmark of Christofle’s "Vertigo" collection.

  • Christofle: Albi. Stamm Wien

    The design of the series is inpired by the straight and clear lines of the gothic cathedral of Albi, a french city.

  • Christofle: Christofle Garden. Stamm Wien

    Christofle Garden
    Christofle Garden is made of stainless steel and derives it’s inspiration straight from your garden beds.

  • Christofle: Commodore. Collections - Flatware Silver. Stamm Wien

    Flatware Silver
    Christofle is one of the world’s leading brands for silver cutlery and silver accessories.

  • Christofle: L´Ame de Christofle. Collections - Flatware Steel. Stamm Wien

    Flatware Steel
    Christofle also produces elegantly shaped stainless steel cutlery in both classic and modern designs.

  • Christofle: Accessoires. Stamm Wien

    Technically perfect made accessories in silver complete the "Art de Table" - the upscale dining culture.

  • Christofle: Vertigo bei Stamm Wien

    Thanks to his silver creations, Christofle has become a symbol for elegance and luxury. These trays are a beautiful eyecatcher on every table because of their uniqueness.

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