Lladro Atelier


  • Duftkerzen Echoes of Nature by Lladro. Stamm Wien

    Echoes of Nature
    The Home Fragrances „Echoes of Nature“ are inspired by the evocative power of the aromas that we find in Nature.

  • Duftkerzen 1001 Lights by Lladró. Stamm Wien

    1001 lights
    Inspired by the legendary stories in Thousand and One Nights, the candles of this collection stand out for their exclusive designs.

  • Lladro: Ivy & Seed bei Stamm Wien

    Ivy & Seed
    Ivy & Seed is inspired by an organic blend of nature with Art Deco influences.

  • Lladro: African Savannah bei Stamm Wien

    African Savannah
    "African Savannah" shows a highly detailed composition of elephants and giraffes in white bisque porcelain.

  • Lladró: Animal Heroes bei Stamm Wien

    Animal Heroes
    "Animal Heroes" belong to the collection "Little Jewels" in porcelain made and painted by hand. That's why each one of these pendants is unique.

  • Lladró: Goossiping bei Stamm Wien

    The gooses with flower headcaps reinterpret the term "tattletale" with a wink.

  • Lladró: Love (Blossom) bei Stamm Wien

    Love (Blossoms)
    A tribute to love itself – With "Love (Blossoms)" Lladró succeeded to create a collection full of fine details.

  • Lladró: Jack Russell bei Stamm Wien

    Dog & Candy
    The porcelain figurines complete every living room furniture in a humourous manner.

  • Lladró: Mademoiselle bei Stamm Wien

    Coquettish, refined, romantic…these are the lamps in the Mademoiselle collection, reinterpreting the brand's iconic ladies in an exciting new and colorful language.

  • Lladró: The Guest bei Stamm Wien

    The colorful Guest
    "The Guest" is a singular character from the Spanish artistic porcelain brand conceived by Jaime Hayon for Lladro Atelier.

  • Lladró Atelier: Winter Palace

    WInter Palace
    "Winter Palace" is a chandelier that seems to be lifted directly from a fairytale castle, transforming the crystal and fabric into porcelain.

  • Lladró: The Guest by Jaime Hayon. Stamm Wien

    The new Guest
    Join the Party! Scattered with confetti and covered with masks – these Guests are designed by british fashion designer Paul Smith.

  • Lladró: The Guest by Jaime Hayon. Stamm Wien

    The Guest
    Unexpected, captivating, unique - "The Guest" is a singular character conceived by Jaime Hayon for Lladro Atelier.

  • Lladró: Belle de Nuit bei Stamm Wien

    Belle de Nuit
    Belle de Nuit combins beauty and functionality without relinquishing the decorative potential.

  • The Parrot Party bei Stamm Wien

    The Parrot Party
    Beauty and functionality go hand in hand in pieces whose artistic value goes far beyond their decorative potential.

  • Lladró: Fantasy by Jaime Hayon. Stamm Wien

    The Fantasy Collection
    The Fantasy collection, designed by Jaime Hayon features a series of original porcelain objects.

  • Lladró Atelier: Metropolis

    Metropolis is a collection of vases, lamps, mirrors and boxes shaped like retro futuristic buildings.

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