• Double Bend by Stamm & MarkThomas

    Double Bend by MarkThomas & Stamm
    Due to Stamm Concept Stores reopening, MarkThomas created a limited edition of the Double Bend carafe in smoke grey.

  • Markthomas bei Stamm Wien

    Double Bend by MarkThomas
    MARKTHOMAS works with local and international glass designers and architects in the creation of its various glass ranges.

  • Rabbits by HAM. Stamm Wien

    Rabbits by Joanna Ham
    Joanna Ham, founder and illustrator of HAM, is immortalizing our daily rituals, likes and hobbies on mugs, pins and screenprints.

  • Fluted by Richard Brendon. Stamm Wien

    Fluted by Richard Brendon
    Richard Brendon has partnered with Gleneagles to develop a hand-crafted crystal collection, Fluted, that draws inspiration from the cocktail culture of the 1920’s.

  • Figure it Out by Deborah Sengl. Stamm Wien

    Figure it Out by Deborah Sengl
    Since many years the Austrian artist Deborah Sengl has devoted herself to “disguising and deluding”. With her newest work, the sculpture collection “Figure it out”, she also remains faithful to this topic.

  • Reset by Thomas Feichtner

    The “RESET“ dinnerware set by Thomas Feichtner shows that contemporary design and careful handicraft and tradition complete each other perfectly and produce extraordinary results.

  • Reset Cocktailset by Thomas Feichtner

    Reset – Cocktailset
    In addition to running in clear crystal, "RESET" is also available as a "Cocktailset" in black crystal, which gives the glasses and bowls an even more elegant and mystical touch.

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